Fat-Traps - absorbent liners for your oven/grill

Welcome to the Fat-Trap - the easy way to keep your oven-grill clean

Fat-Trap grill and oven liners are the effective way to keep oven-grills clean during cooking. Simply place the Fat-trap under the food - either inside or on top of the grill pan - and cook. All the fat will be absorbed into the Fat-Trap, making the job of washing up much easier - as well as making your food less fatty.

Fat-Traps can also be used to keep grills and hot food display cabinets clean and attractive. Consisting of a highly absorbent material covered with heavy gauge aluminium foil, Fat-Trap grill and oven liners soak away excess fat dripping from the meat while it is cooking and on display.

Fat-Trap grill and oven liners can be used in rotisseries, hot-food display cabinets, breakfast buffets and other cooking and hot display units.

As a result, the meat is displayed in a clean, crisp, healthy and attractive way and cleaning cost and time is minimised.

Fat-Traps come in a pack of 10.

PRICE: £8.49 for a pack of 10. BUY NOW FROM OUR SHOP @ SHOP.SIRANE.COM

Fat-Trap absorbent oven-grill liners




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