Fresh: Shelf-Life Bags - storage bags for fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs

Welcome to our Fresh: Shelf-Life Bags - helps you keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for much longer

Fresh: Shelf-life extending bags offer significantly extended shelf life for fresh fruit and vegetables.

These unique bags optimise the atmospheric conditions inside the pack to prolong freshness and enhance the quality, taste and texture of the food. Significant shelf life increase is achieved with every type of fruit and vegetable including fresh salads.

Fresh: Shelf-Life bags are perfect not only for fresh fruit and vegetables, but also prepared and cut produce. If you want to prepare your fruit or vegetables early in the morning, and not use it until evening, our Shelf-Life bags are perfect for keeping everything in 'just-prepared' condition.

The bags are made from a natural bio-polymer made from plants. It is a sustainable source and they are fully compostable - so tick every environmental box going.

Put your fruit and vegetables in our shelf-life extending bags and you truly will notice the difference. Cut down on your wastage, cut down on your shopping bills, and help save the world.... perhaps the last point is stretching it, but they really are that remarkable. 

There will be no condensation on the inside of the bags, and the product will not dry out in the bags.

Try them once... we know you won't be disappointed and we know you'll be back.

Each pack contains 10 bags. Click here for FAQs including the science behind the bags.

PRICE: £3.99 for a pack of 10 (medium). BUY NOW FROM OUR SHOP @ SHOP.SIRANE.COM





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