Nylon Roasting Bags - Chicken - for roasting whole chickens in a bag in the oven

Welcome to our Nylon Roasting Bags - making a roast dinner easier

Nylon Roasting Bags are perfect for making your Sunday lunch easier. Just pop the whole bird or joint of meat in the bag, tie it, and pop it in the oven. Not only will the Roasting Bag mean the meat will come out cooked to perfection and wonderfully crisp, but you’ll also cut the cooking time.

And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to use our Nylon Roasting Bag, you’ll also have cut down on your washing up.... 

The bag won't stick to the meat, as it can with some cooking bags, it will just come out beautifully crisp, succulent, and ready to eat. That's because we use top quality nylon - the best material on the market for oven roasting. It is strong, durable, will not go brittle during cooking - and will even help brown the bird. Nylon can be cooked at 220 degrees, much higher than the cheaper polyester products on the market - which means you can significantly reduce the cooking time. 

Whether it's Christmas dinner with a large turkey, or just a regular Sunday lunch, our nylon Roasting Bags are perfect for all occasions. 

The Roasting Bag (Chicken) is 26cm x 40cm, and comes in a pack of 10. Each pack comes with 10 ties.

PRICE: £4.99 for a pack of 10. BUY NOW FROM OUR SHOP @ SHOP.SIRANE.COM

Roasting bag for whole chickens




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