Potato-Baker - crisp up jacket potatoes in the microwave

Welcome to the Potato-Baker - perfect baked potatoes in a microwave

Our Potato-Bakers allow you to cook crispy baked potatoes - similar to those slow oven-cooked potatoes - in a microwave, fast. 

Perfect for creating tasty food on the go. We know you haven't hours to cook your jacket in the oven... well you don't need hours. Minutes will do it.

1. Place the potato inside the liner

2. Twist both ends to fully close the Potato-Baker liner around the potato

3. Place pouch directly on microwave turntable

4. Remove from microwave for a perfectly crisp potato

5. Add your toppings and enjoy... it really is that simple!

Each pack contains 5 Potato-Bakers.

PRICE: £1.99 for a pack of 5. BUY NOW




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