Fresh: Deli Bags - storage bags to give your food added freshness

Welcome to our Fresh: Deli Bags - making your food last longer

These deli bags will, quite simply, keep your food Fresher for Longer. Perfect for tarts, pastries, quiches, keep a supply in your kitchen drawer - and whenever you need to put something in the fridge you’ll have the same quality bags you’d get from the deli.

Whether you’re keeping your food for another day, off for a picnic or even selling it at the village fete, you’ll find the bags incredibly useful.   

Food will stay ‘Deli-fresh’... simply place your food in the bag, and seal it using the adhesive seal. The bags can be opened and resealed as needed. Fresher For Longer - that’s the promise.

Each pack contains 10 bags.

Price: £4.99 for  a pack of 10. BUY NOW FROM OUR SHOP @ SHOP.SIRANE.COM

food storage bags for added freshness



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