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Some incredible reviews for our steam-cooking bags

THINKING-COOKING products are used the world over - sometimes under a different name, but it is the same product - and we've had some fantastic feedback from users at a supermarket in the US. The supermarket in question was giving the steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave away as part of a sustainable seafood programme that it was running in store.

Reviews included

"I placed the steam pouch on a microwave safe dish, and broke the cauliflower into large florets. I added a little olive oil, some turmeric, some salt and pepper, and a few grinds of Raley's Garlic and Herb seasoning. I microwaved it on high for two minutes, flipped the packet over, and microwaved 30 seconds more. The olive oil and the moisture in the cauliflower created a perfect no-mess sauce. How much better can you get - fast and delicious, no cleanup, no lingering cauliflower aroma in the kitchen." - 5/5, Therese, San Jose

"I first tried the salmon fillets. I used the steam pouches that came with my kit. I added some cubes mango to the bag. The fish came out delicious. It was moist and tasty. I love fillets that have the skin still on as it cuts down on the drying out of the fish and you don't have to turn it over! Perfectly cooked fish comes right off the skin like mine did." - 4/5, Klmdoll

"First of all, our recipe was super basic-- fresh "sustainable seafood" salmon fillets from Raley's, salt and pepper, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. Second, the process is amazingly simple -- simply place the salmon along with the other ingredients in the steam pouch, seal it up, and place in oven at the recommended time and temperature. Then, cut open the bag and plate your masterpiece. Third, the results were terrific. The salmon was moist and flavourful." - 5/5, Jben999

"I used these bags to microwave the side dish I made the 2nd night. I put a diced up sweet potato in the bag , I was sure to cut it smaller and not to overfill the bag. I closed the bag and cooked on 100% power in my microwave for 8 minutes. The sweet potato came out smelling amazing, FULLY cooked, and soft, buttery and delicious. After I was done - I simply threw the bag away! SO EASY! GREAT FOR FAST PREP! I love these bags and they will become a regular staple in my kitchen for preparing fast meats, veggies and side dishes!" - 5/5 obsidian_rivers

They only negative comments referred to the bag opening during the cooking process - which is actually an important part of the cooking process in a steam-cooking bag, the steam-build up would become so great that if the bag didn't vent the user would have a real problem on their hands. If you want to see any of the reviews for yourself, click here

Thinking-Cooking steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave are self-seal cooking bags. Simply place the contents - fish, poultry, vegetables or even fruit - in the bag along with any sauces, glazes or additional ingredients, and cook. Simple as that... We sell them in packs of 10