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NEW: Smoking bags added to Thinking-Cooking range

Oven/BBQ Smoking Bags

IT'S nearly summer... and we've added Oven/BBQ Smoking Bags to the Thinking-Cooking range just in time....

Our Smoking Bags have a non-stick layer, which means they are perfect for seafood and poultry, and a sachet of wood chips which infuses the food during the cooking process, making spectacular smoky-flavoured food easy...

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: "Simply place the food above the non-stick layer, and seal the bag. The smokiness of the wood chips will flavour the food beautifully during the cooking process. Sauces, marinades and glazes are fine... the more creative the better.

"If you want to cook smoked salmon on your barbecue this summer, then this is the way..."

Our bags can be used on open barbecues and hot-plates... and if the sun doesn't come out they are great in the oven.

We've introduced two sizes - small and medium - and they are on sale at £3.49 for 3 (small) and £3.99 for 3 (medium).