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BBQ bags could help make you the BBQ king or queen...

Non-stick Oven/BBQ bags from Thinking-Cooking

BARBECUE season is just around the corner - and Thinking-Cooking's BBQ bags can help make your BBQ food extra special, and make you look like the BBQ king (or queen!)...

OUR newest addition to the Thinking-Cooking range - non-stick oven and BBQ cooking bags - are perfect for steaks, seafood, poultry and vegetables, and allow you to cook directly on the BBQ with sauces or glazes added in to the bag, meaning you can relax while creating a BBQ meal sensation.

The bag is simple to use, simple to open, cooks food to perfection – and can be used in almost any cooking environment, from ovens to barbecues, griddles to hot plates. That means you can prepare in advance - and is the sun doesn't come out, or the heavens open, just cook your food in the oven.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Our Oven/BBQ cooking bag has so many potential uses – and offers numerous advantages to users – and the non-stick layer makes it the perfect solution for cooking seafood, poultry, meat and vegetables, particularly on a BBQ but also in the oven.

“It is a foil bag capable of withstanding significant direct heat, allowing for its use on a barbecue as well as in an oven. The food sits above the non-stick layer, and once cooked will be tender, retain all the juices and flavours as well as the goodness.

“There's no mess, no smell and no-need to handle the food. Just put the food in the bag, along with a marinade, sauce, vegetables or whatever you wish, and cook - it is that simple. Seafood can often stick, but that is not a problem with our clever non-stick bags which are probably the best on the market for cooking seafood on a BBQ in a bag."

The bags come with a clear top panel – so users can see what’s being cooked.