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How oven/microwave cooking bags could help with Christmas dinner

Sprouts can be cooked in the microwave in a steam-cooking bag

STRUGGLING for space on your hob while making Christmas dinner? Well don’t forget your microwave could come to your rescue, without making any sacrifices on flavours.

Our steam cooking bags for oven/microwave - available to order now (visit our buy now section - can cook vegetables to perfection in just a few minutes.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Christmas dinner can be a stressful time for many a household, and a supply of steam-cooking bags can be a real god-send, especially if you’re trying to juggle all your cooking times in a cramped cooking environment.

“Take sprouts for example, no-one likes them over-cooked. Let’s be honest, a lot of people don’t like them at all….. but cooking them in minutes in the microwave makes it easy, a bit of butter and pepper for flavour and they’re perfect – for those who like them.”

Sirane’s steam-cooking bags allow all the flavours to be sealed in for simple, tasty cooking – perfect for healthy cooking and portion control, without sacrificing flavour.

All the natural flavours of the meat, fish or vegetables are sealed in the bag during cooking, creating a sensational and healthy meal. Flavoured butters and glazes can be added – and the bags are very popular in retail environments as an over-the-counter solution.

The bags are designed to be used safely in a conventional oven at up to 200 degrees celsius, in a microwave - and even in a freezer for subsequent reheating and eating.

Our steam cooking bags can be used as a retail counter bag – but are also available in retail packs so that users can add their own ingredients and use the bags in a way that suits them. We also offer them in individually-packed sachets, allowing the bag to be included as part of a meal kit, for example, and the customers put the food in the bag themselves.

Sirane recently launched the Bags of Ideas campaign as a way of combining and simplifying all our cooking bags solutions – these include steam-cooking bags, oven/BBQ bags, flavoured cooking bags, nylon roasting bags, sous-vide bags, slow-cooker liners and more.

And there’s other products in the Thinking-Cooking range which could be useful during the festive celebrations. Oven/BBQ bags can be great for cooking seafood – ideal if you have someone who doesn’t want turkey, or for keeping a vegetarian meal separate.

And don’t forget our nylon roasting bags can be supplied large enough for a turkey – and will help you cook it to perfection every time, without losing juices or flavour.

For more information, visit www.sirane.com or call +44 1952 230055.