Slow-Cooker Liners - for keeping your slow-cooker clean

Welcome to our Slow-Cooker Liners - keep your slow-cooker clean

Enjoy all your favourite slow cooked meals with the added benefit of these amazing Slow-Cooker Liners. Eliminates the need to soak and wash the pot after use! You can even prepare meals in advance, freeze in the liner and reheat at a later date!

The Slow-Cooker Liners have a number of great benefits including:

·         Reduced cleaning time and therefore the use of hot water may not be required, hence reducing electricity, gas and water bills.

·         Reduces wear and tear on the slow-cooker

·         Helps maintain colour and flavour of food

·         Meals can be prepared in advance, frozen and then reheated in the bag at a later date.

Instructions for use:

Take the lid off your slow cooker, open the Slow-Cooker Liner and place centrally in the base covering the bottom and sides of the cooking pot of your slow cooker. Fold any excess material neatly down over the external sides of the slow cooker.

Add your favourite casserole ingredients to your slow cooker pot ensuring the liner stays in position. Replace the lid and cook as per the manufacturer instructions. When cooked do not try to lift the liner out of the slow cooker whilst food is hot, serve directly from the lined pot. 

If you have any of your casserole left, you can allow to cool in the liner and then freeze to reheat at a later date. Simply pop the bag into boiling water!

Slow-Cooker Liners come in a pack of 3.

PRICE: £3.99 for a pack of 3. BUY NOW





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