Some interesting uses for our steam-cooking bags

Eggs cooked in one of our steam-cooking bags

SO our steam-cooking bags are big in America... our distributors across the Atlantic are selling via a cooking bag programme called Ready Chef Go! and it is selling well. The programme has seen retailers taking the bags along with ingredients and creating ready meals behind the counter, and vast swathes of the continent are falling in love with the concept. (More from Ready Chef Go if you're interested).

And the inevitable happened.... people using the bags suddenly began asking can I buy just the bags? And so a retail pack was added to the Ready Chef Go range...

It's always interesting to see and hear what people do with our cooking bags, the innovative uses that people find that we've just never thought of ourselves. And the bloggers of America are certainly giving our bags a good test. I mean the bags are brilliant for fish... we've known that for some time, and we've heard many fabulous success stories from people cooking weird and wonderful fish dishes. But scrambled egg? Who knew....

One blogger reported how she filled the bag with vegetables, tipped the beaten egg in the bag, sealed it, and cooked it in the microwave.... result, an easy scrambled egg dish with no mess. Could this be a new market? The Scrambled Egg Bag... more on this another week, but you can check out the full blog from 'Rocky Mountain Savings' by clicking here...

Others were cooking a variety of vegetables, including asparagus, broccoli, potatoes in a range of styles, brussels sprouts and more... so the question is what do you cook in your steam-cooking bags?